CoolGear USB to TV HDMI Adapter ViewXpower Audio and Video USB to HDTV Output

USB to HDMI 1080p adapter



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1.1 Introduction

ViewXpower - USB to HDMI adapter allows you connect an extra HDTV/monitor to

your desktop or notebook computer via USB port (include Video and Audio). Support

max resolution up to1920x1080 regardless your computer display card resolution.

The connected TV/monitor can be configured to either primary screen, mirror or

extend the Windows desktop which include the visibility of more applications at the

same time. ViewXpower is the best choice for your HD-display application.

1.2 Features

Delivers smooth high-resolution video & audio up to 1920 x 1080

Both Audio and Video via USB

Small size enough

Easily connect additional HDMI TV/monitor via USB 2.0 port.

Compatible with all Notebook/Desktop computers.

Plug & Play; Easy installation and operation.

Mirror, Extend and Primary a computer display workspace.

Support rotation (Normal/Left/Right/Upside-Down) function control.

Supports left, right, up and down extend display.

No external power supply needed.

Works seamlessly with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating


Support KVM switch and USB hub connection.

1.3 Specifications

USB 2.0 specification compliant.

HDMI 1.2 and HDCP 1.1 specifications compliant.

- Video : Supports pixel rates up to 165MHz, resolution up to 1080p.

- Audio : Supports 2 channels (Stereo) audio.

Dimension: 109 x 52 x 18.5 (mm)


- USB Mini-B female

- HDMI type A

0B1.4 System Requirements

Windows XP X86 / Windows Vista X86 & 64 / Win7 X86 & 64

Equipped USB2.0 Notebook/Desktop computer

CD-ROM drive (For software installation)

1.5 Package Contents

ViewXpower device x 1

USB A to mini B cable x 1

Driver / Manual CD x 1

Quick Installation Guide x 1

1.6 Application

Mirror mode (e.g. Presentation)

Extend mode (e.g. Play 1080p HD audio/video)

2.1 Driver Installation

2.1.1 Please insert "Multimedia Installation Kit" CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive;

AutoRun will running. (if AutoRun didn’t run, please go to “My Computer”, click

CD-ROM drive)

2.1.2 Select “ViewXpower” product.

2.1.3 Select “Device Driver”

2.1.4 Setup wizard is running.

2.1.5 License Agreement, if you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this

agreement, please click “I Accept”.

2.1.6 Setup wizard will be completed automatically.

2.2 Hardware Installation

2.2.1 HDMI: Connect 2nd monitor with HDMI cable to ViewXpower HDMI port.

2.2.2 USB: Connect USB to your computer’s USB port.

Note: We suggest plugging both USB plugs into the

computer USB ports, if the computer can not

supply enough current to one USB port.

2.2.3 System will now automatically detect new hardware.

2.2.4 Please check the Device Manager, ViewXpower

driver is installed successful in your computer.

2.2.5 After the driver is installed correctly, you should now

see the following icon on your notification area.

3.1 Starting

To access the menu, right click the icon on your notification area. This utility allows

you to quickly change the settings and resolution of your ViewXpower.

3.2 Screen Resolution

In Set as Main Monitor and Extended mode, you can change the display resolution

3.3 Color Quality

You can set display Color Quality, There are Medium (16-bit) and Highest (32-bit) can


3.4 Screen Rotation

You can use the Rotation function

to change the display degree.

3.5 Extend To

In the Extend mode, you can extend screen to Right / Left / Above / Below.

3.6 Extend

This setting will extend your

desktop from your main display

onto the secondary.

3.6.1 Extended Function Application

A: Double Display

B: Screen Wall

3.7 Set as Main Monitor

Your main display (monitor) will

automatically switch to being the

secondary display and show the

extended desktop.

3.8 Notebook Monitor Off

Disable main screen.

3.9 Mirror

This setting will mirror the image

from your main display onto the

secondary display. Your main

display and the extended display

will show the same image.

3.9.1 Mirror Function Application

e.g. Education

Multiple Display

Note: In the Mirror mode, Screen Resolution and Color Quality functions will

be disabled. Those two functions depend on the primary screen display

settings, you can go to Advanced->Display to change.

3.10 Off

Disable screen extend function.

3.11 Advanced…

Go to Windows operating system Display Properties

3.12 Optimize for Video (Only in Windows Vista)

Optimize for the video you are showing.

The function only can be used in Windows Vista.

4.1 Starting

To access the menu, click the icon

on your notification area.

This utility allows you to quickly

change the settings of your


4.2 Check for Updates…

Check and download the latest driver automatically here.

4.3 Optimize for Video

Optimize for the video you are showing.

4.4 Advanced…

Change the appearance of your displays.

1. Display: Display detected information.

2. Resolution: You can change the display resolution.

3. Orientation: You can use this function to change the display Orientation you are


Select a monitor Select the Orientation



Landscape (flipped)

Portrait (flipped)

4. Multiple displays

Duplicate these displays:

This setting will duplicate the image from your main display onto the secondary

display. Your main display and the extended display will show the same image.

Extend these displays:

This setting will extend your desktop from your main display onto the secondary.

Show desktop only on 1: Disable monitor 2

Show desktop only on 2: Disable monitor 1


After the setting please remember to click “Apply” and “OK”

before you quit.

Q1: If the 2nd monitor’s image is out of screen (overscan):

A1: Please check the 2nd monitor’s display setting or change the ViewXpower screen

resolution (see 3.2).

Q2: I am unable to make the ViewXpower primary display!

A2: Some video cards ship their product with a utility that prevents other video cards from

being set as the primary card. Check the bottom right hand corner taskbar for this utility and disable it before switching the ViewXpower to the primary display.

Q3: Why won’t my DVD player work when I move it over to the extended display?

A3: Some DVD playback software packages do not support playing on a second display

adapter of any kind.

Q4: How come my video will not play on Media Player if I move it over to the extended


A4: Check that you have moved the Media Player window completely over to the second


Q5: Why does my mouse not move to the right side of the screen as it should on the

extended desktop?

A5: Check the display settings and make sure that your display number ‘2’ is on the right

side of display number ‘1’. You can rearrange how Windows treats each display in

relation to each other in the Display Properties Settings.

Q6: There are horizontal lines covering the displayed image

A6: This is due to a low refresh rate setting. You can change this in: Display Properties,

Settings, Advanced, Monitor. Make sure that you have selected the DisplayLink

device first, and do not exceed the refresh rate limitations of the monitor. Reset, or

resynchronize the monitor may also help. For further details on how to reset or

resynchronize your monitor, please refer to the documentation that was included with

your monitor purchase.